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The oil and gas industry rely on a unique blend of chemicals to make sure that fluids are flowing properly from one part of the recovery process to another. The same is true of the salt water disposal process as well. Henry Hill Oil has not only compiled a unique blend of chemicals that aid the wells in being more productive but has also fine-tuned the best practices for applying chemicals in the salt water disposal process.

Services Provided


  • HHOS Blends
  • HCL
  • Fast Biodegradable Option – “The safe eco-friendly alternative”
  • Multiple uses and combos
  • Safe on most metal and safe on skin

Lab Services

  • Complete Water Analysis
  • Scaling Tendencies
  • Millipore Testing
  • Oil Water Carryover
  • Solids Analysis


North Dakota oil waste water chemicals
chemical service - oil waste water N Dakota
chemicals for oil waste water disposal north dakota

Providing the chemicals you need when and where you need them

Henry Hill Oil provides regular chemical servicing on salt water disposal wells throughout the Bakken. The wells under Henry Hill Oil’s service operate under lower pressures and are ultimately able to accept higher levels of saltwater.

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