WIlliston Basin Pipeline Gathering Systems


Our Pipeline Gathering Systems are designed to exceed environmental protection standards.

Exploration and production companies face the challenge of transporting their fracking waste water from their well pads to a designation disposal site. Their options are limited to trucking the waste or transporting the water through a gathering system pipeline. Trucking requires a minimal upfront cost on the behalf of the operators but brings with it a relatively high variable expense, whereas, gathering systems require a relatively high upfront cost yet operate on much lower variable expenses. Henry Hill Oil believes that gathering system pipelines are the more efficient and thus cost-effective option for e & p operators.

Facts & Figures:

  • Williams and McKenzie Counties
  • 40+ Miles of Pipeline

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Williston Basin ND gathering systems
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We design for the envronment

Henry Hill’s gathering systems are built as part of a total waste water solution for e & p operators. We find that those companies who choose to partner with us, experience a more efficient, cost effective solutions than the alternatives. It is estimates that an average horizontal well produces about 2,000,000 barrels of water in its lifetime. At 200 barrels per truckload, it doesn’t take long for a Henry Hill Oil gathering system to make sense for the bottom line.

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