Henry Hill Oil Services Team Members


Matt Lowe – Chief Executive Officer

Matt Lowe is a co-founder of Henry Hill Oil. He is the Chief Executive Officer. Matt’s primary responsibilities include making company decisions and goals, managing the overall operations and resources, and corporate operations. Matt oversees all aspects of Henry Hill Oil from its daily operations to its projected goals. He steers Henry Hill Oil toward its goal of being the premier midstream partner of saltwater transfer and disposal systems for the Bakken oil fields.

Jake Burton – President of Operations

Jake Burton is a co-founder of Henry Hill Oil. He is the President of Operations. Jake is responsible for the overall operation of Henry Hill Oil. He is involved in every process starting with the development of projects, creation and construction, and the maintenance of systems. Jake heads the team in communication with the public, customers, and partners. He is the lead of the team that is expanding and growing operations that Henry Hill Oil offers to provide more services to meet our customers saltwater transfer and disposal needs. Jake has been involved in the Bakken Oil field starting in 2015. He provides essential leadership, ideas, and knowledge to Henry Hill Oil and its daily operations. Jake likes to spend time with his two children and his wife, Nicole. Jakes hobbies include hunting, hiking, and traveling.


Robert Coy - Vice President of Operations

Robert Coy stated with Henry Hill Oil at the beginning in 2016. Robert is the Vice President of Operations. His main responsibilities are ensuring that all SWD facilities and saltwater pipelines are operational and functioning correctly to achieve maximum up time. Robert oversees daily the operations of all parts of Henry Hill Oil to help ensure that our customers water gathering systems and saltwater disposals are functioning at a high standard. He has been involved in the Bakken Oil field since 2009 starting with his own trucking company and being involved in Henry Hill Oil. Robert adds experience and insight for the operations within our company. He has been an integral part in every project that Henry Hill Oil has completed since its beginning. Robert enjoys working for Henry Hill Oil due to the culture of the company and the people he gets to work with. His hobbies include anything with a new adventure like snowmobiling, skiing, and traveling.


Jess McGinley – General Manager

Jess McGinley joined the Henry Hill Oil team in July of 2019. Jess is the General Manager of Henry Hill Oil overseeing operations of the saltwater pipelines and disposals. He manages the growing excavation services offered by Henry Hill Oil. Jess is involved in the development of customer and partner relationships by reviewing, managing, and developing connections and collaborations. Jess’s experience in the oilfield began in Montana and Wyoming working as a Roustabout while getting his degree in Accounting from the University of Montana. With a background in administration and operations from a variety of industries, Jess is helping to position Henry Hill as the Bakken's premier provider of integrated water gathering systems and saltwater disposals. Jess likes to go skiing, traveling with his family, and paddle boarding. He enjoys spending time with his four children, and his wife.