Henry Hill Oil Roustabout Services

Providing services across the Bakken

As Henry Hill Oil has continued to solidify its position as a formidable midstream saltwater disposal company, E & P operators who control their own salt water disposal needs have benefited from Henry Hill Oil’s design and build capabilities. The design and build of a salt water disposal well depend on several factors working together so that the well can operate at or above its intended performance. A poorly designed and built well can lead to higher operating expenses, less productive wells, and higher wear and tear on the well equipment.

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roust-about services across the Williston Basin of North Dakota - Bakken
routs about services williston basin ND
Roustabout help williston basin n dakota

Across North Dakota’s Williston Basin


Henry Hill Oil is continually improving its design and build capabilities which leads to our wells operating more efficiently and for a longer time with lower operating expenses and fewer required repairs. Henry Hill strives to provide the Bakken with the highest standard in salt water disposal. E & P operators know they can trust Henry Hill to design and build high quality well to meet their needs for years to come.

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